Laurence Holzman


Suddenly a Song: 
The Lyrics of Laurence Holzman & Felicia Needleman

With music by Larry Applewhite, Norman L. Berman, Douglas J. Cohen, Rick Hip-Flores, 
Steve Marzullo, Evan Richey, Kyle Rosen, Benjamin Rosenbluth and Mark Wherry

This musical revue was presented by the New York Theatre Barn at The Duplex in New York City on October 26, 2009.    

Jim Ferris, Julie Reiber, Vanessa Lemonides, Michele Ragusa, Thom Christopher Warren & Joe Cassidy performed the twelve musical numbers in Suddenly a Song.

Click below to see and hear some of the numbers...

1. Suddenly a Song

2. Advice

Chestnut Creek
(Suddenly a Song - Live at NYTB 10-26-09)
Talking With Mom
(Suddenly a Song - Live at NYTB 10-26-09)
Who Really Cares?
(Suddenly a Song - Live at NYTB 10-26-09)
There With You
(Suddenly a Song - Live at NYTB 10-26-09)